Thursday, 26 May 2011

Introduction to Ancient Chinese Shao-lin Kungfu

Kung Fu is a martial art that can be traced back to early day China. Calendar dates sometimes reflect the discipline of Kung Fu being established pre-A.D. Within Kung Fu are variations of this martial art.
One of those variations is called Shaolin Kung Fu which was named after the Shaolin temple of Buddhism. This temple is located on the mountain of Sung and was roughly established around the fourth century A.D.

What Is Shaolin Kung Fu?
In order to understand what Shaolin Kung Fu is, it is important to understand the environment that bred this type of Kung Fu. The Shaolin temple was established during a period of time in China when individual regions were controlled and dominated by warlords. In addition, law and order was based upon the survival of the fittest and as such the different areas were replete with killers and thieves.
To counter this lawlessness, the priests of the Shaolin temple created a powerful new dimension to the art of Kung Fu. This dynamic new dimension to this discipline allowed the priests the resources to repel those that would wish to do harm to those in the temple and who wished to destroy the religion itself.
Some of the abilities that were created through the use of Shaolin Kung Fu were legendary. Some of those legends included the ability of the disciple of this Kung Fu being able to penetrate concrete with their fist, direct their body to heal faster and simulate the action of a dragonfly and skim the surface of water.
Today, many of the powerful techniques and secrets have been lost. However, Shaolin Kung Fu is considered, by many, to be the most powerful variation of all of the Kung Fu disciplines.

There are many benefits associated with practicing the disciple of Shaolin Kung Fu. These benefits can be realized for each member of the family despite their age or gender.
For a child, there will be a noticeable elevation in the confidence level of that child. This level of confidence will be increased due to the advantages received by learning and practicing this discipline. Those advantages include the gaining of courage and strength. These are important virtues for the mind and body to realize especially living in a world that seems to be more violent. Also, the child will experience character building disciplines and will learn how to defend themselves using the techniques of Shaolin Kung Fu
For the adult, because Shaolin Kung Fu is a discipline that affects every fiber and element of an individual, the student will learn how to effectively manage stress and manage the enemy from within. In addition, increasing energy levels will be elevated. Also, this ancient art will allow an individual to defend themselves from outward attacks that may be experienced.

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